Who we are:
We are a juniors and U23 bike racing team based in Boulder, Colorado. We ride and race year-round, from the first frosty time trial in March, though the road races, criterium, and hill climbs of spring and summer, and then on the dirt, mud, ice, and snows of autumn, until season’s end at Cyclocross Nationals in mid-winter. We are an active and familiar presence in Colorado’s bike racing scene, and our distinctive orange kit makes us hard to miss!

We have over twenty racers on the team, ranging in age from 13 to 18. While many of our riders are from Boulder County, we also have members from the Denver Metro area, and even from far-flung locations like Grand Junction and Maine. We’re not the biggest team, but we like it that way. As a medium-sized team, everyone knows everyone else and the riders form a cohesive group, with lots of mutual support (and friendly banter) to bond them. We expect the team to grow significantly for 2017, but we’re confident we won’t lose that camaraderie.

Great coaching is key to our riders accomplishing their goals, whether those are championships and podiums, acquiring racing skills and fitness, or just experiencing the fun of racing done well. We have a strong group of experienced and accomplished coaches that lead team practices and provide race-day guidance. We require our coaches to be USA Cycling certified, and they must be familiar with modern training techniques so they can effectively guide our riders. For 2017 Greg Stock is our head road coach and Brady Kappius is the head cyclocross coach. Cari Higgins is heading up our new junior women’s program and will coach the team as well on the road and track. Spencer Downing and Oliver Flautt are assistant road coaches. Kristal Boni and Spencer are our assistant cyclocross coaches.

We have perhaps the most awesome group of race parents ever. Some are experienced racers themselves, others are bike racing newbies, but all enjoy the race-day scene and encouraging the riders. We rely on parents to set up the team tents and help the riders find their sunglasses and grill the bratwursts when the racing is done.

Alex DorganRoss and Doug Wiebe are the team’s directors. We work with the riders, coaches, and parents to set goals and priorities, manage the team’s finances and sponsor relations, and make sure the kids pick up their gel wrappers.

Where we focus:

-Love Of The Sport
We believe that bike riding and racing is one of the healthiest activities there is for juniors and adults alike. While not all of our riders will go on to win the Tour de France, we are confident that every junior on our team is building the basis for a lifelong love of cycling in all of its various forms. Whether they eventually become professional bike racers, weekend warriors, or more casual bike enthusiasts, the years they spend on our team will help them every time they are on two wheels.

-Fundamental Skills
While almost anyone can ride a bike, it takes practice and coaching to be able to “race like a pro”. Our riders develop skills that take them beyond many of the adult riders that we see at races and on the road.

-Healthy Teenage Lifestyles
Today’s teenagers face both old temptations (alcohol and drugs) and new distractions (online and mobile games and media) that can lead to less healthy lifestyle choices. In addition, the pressures of high school seem to be greater than ever. We’ve seen that bike racing is a fantastic antidote to these ailments, giving the team members strong motivation to stay straight, maximize their health, and blow off steam using constructive competition.

-Social Development
Adolescence is a time when kids start to figure out who they are and where they fit in the world. Teenage isolation can be an especially challenging problem. In our close-knit team even the shy kids spend hours each week engaged with their peers, whether it’s practicing bunny-hopping barriers or rehashing race results or debating who has the coolest shoes.

We race and train as a team, and we believe in the maxim “Teamwork Wins Races” (our jerseys prominently display this motto). While there is plenty of room in the team for individual ambitions and accomplishments, we work with the kids on supporting each other during races, whether it’s pulling back breakaways or encouraging each other up tough hills.

Bike racing is a competitive sport, and that’s a good thing. Our riders enjoy winning races and standing on podiums, and we help them learn how to do that. Our strong results indicate that we’re pretty good at it.